Our Story

I’m Brad, the guy behind all of this DadsFanny stuff. DadsFanny was born out of my love for fanny packs, fatherhood and simplicity. When our oldest was a baby, I found myself searching for a better, more simplified version of our diaper bag when it was time to leave the house. I wanted something functional, hands free and super good looking <Insert Dad Joke Here>.

I decided to create a pack that dads (and moms!) could use to carry the essentials - both parenting and personal. Something that was thoughtfully made by parents, for parents. With my vision in mind, I put a pen to paper to create some basic sketches, threw together a super rough prototype on my sewing machine (yes, men sew too) and set off on a journey to create an amazing product that I would be thrilled to own. Fast forward one year and through a lot of trial, error, high highs and low lows, I couldn’t be more stoked with where we ended up. And in case you’re wondering, I no longer sew the packs myself. I think it’s a win for everyone.

However you got here - thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope that you find a thing or two about our story and the stuff we create that excites you and makes you want to stick around. There’s plenty of exciting stuff to come.

- Brad